About Us

The moment you stumble upon Joint Custody Smoke Shop it should be delightfully obvious that we are not your average Smoke Shop. We are a locally owned store offering products for every type of smoker or smoking style. Our obsession with perfectly organized stock, simple and elegant design and fixtures, captivating culture, award winning customer service, and our remarkable selection of price match guaranteed inventory are a few of the many things that set us apart from the competition. We continuously strive to have the latest trending products and do our best to ensure a permanent variety of extravagant items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items to fit any budget. Joint Custody Smoke Shop is a growing brand with the goal of being a household name in CBD, Kratom, Vaping, and tobacco cultures. We believe that people are the key to success. Being real, being honest, and being fair are just a few of the values we highly believe in.  We are confident in saying we are the most upscale Smoke Shop in Houston because our core values continuously allow us to grow by retaining nearly all customers that walk through our doors as well as invite in new ones daily. Joint Custody Smoke Shop is your Houston destination for exclusive CBD, Kratom, glass pipes, Vapes, and hemp accessories. Just as humans learn and grow each day, so does our shop. We are consistently fixing, changing, and improving product selection, infrastructure, and store design to better accommodate our amazing customers. We encourage you to step through our doors and hold us to the values we preach about. Our company serves residential clients via curbside service and delivery, with our sights set on a fully functioning virtual store in the near future.