Dr Norms Cbd Cookies- Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy

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Dr. Norms CBD cookies are changing the perception of edibles in the CBD space by promoting the mantra, “Know Your Dose!” By delivering delectable, bite-sized and consistently dosed products, customers can learn what dosage is perfect for them – ensuring an optimal experience every time. And, to ensure that you are tasting the cookie not the medicine, Dr. Norms uses only the purest and finest CBD isolate. 

Not only are Dr. Norms CBD Cookies great tasting, but they are also reviewed by 3rd party labs to ensure consistent quality throughout the batch. This attention to dosage is extremely important in the CBD space and is often overlooked by other brands. It is great to see a company like Dr. Norms Cookies putting the customer's well-being first.

Flavors include:

Dr Norms Cbd Cookies- Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy

Dr Norms Cbd Cookies- Chocolate Chip Therapy